KDDI Introduces 'au Collective Talk', Free Calls Between au mobile and KDDI Fixed Line and Between KDDI Fixed Line Phones 24 Hours a Day Within Japan

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

June 25, 2008

KDDI is pleased to announce the 'au Collective Talk'. In addition to free calls from KDDI home fixed lines to either au phones or other KDDI fixed lines, the 'au Collective Talk' completely eliminates call charges for the 'au → My Home Discount,' which reduced call charges from au mobile phones to home phones by half, if the home phone is a KDDI fixed line. KDDI will introduce the 'au Collective Talk' on August 1.

The 'au Collective Talk' is a full FMC [1] service that is applicable to the around 30 million [2] au mobile phones provided by KDDI and Okinawa Cellular and KDDI's fixed line communication services (phone numbers 0AB-J [3]) including 'HIKARI-one phone,' 'Metal-plus phone,' 'ADSL one Phone Service,' 'Cable-plus Phone,' and '050 Number Service (KDDI-IP Phone)' provided through the Internet service 'au one net.'

There are no special procedures for free calls through 'au Collective Talk' if certain service conditions are met, such as applying for 'Collective Billing.'

In combination with free calls to family members through the 'Family Discount' and 'Everybody Discount' for au mobile phones introduced in March of this year, free calls through the 'au Collective Talk' further broadens the various situations that au mobile phones and KDDI fixed line phones can be used (for free calls), making KDDI phone services even more convenient.

Along with the launch of the 'au Collective Talk,' KDDI is promoting FMC services through the au brand, comprehensively referred to as 'au Home Phone,' which includes 'HIKARI-one phone service,' 'Metal-plus phone,' 'ADSL one Phone Service,' 'Cable Plus Phone' and 'au one net's 050 Number Service (KDDI-IP Phone).'

'Collective Billing' is a service that provides a single bill for KDDI fixed line services and au mobile phone services.

'au → My Home Discount' is a service that provides a discount for calls from au mobile phones to home phones if the au mobile phone users has HIKARI-one phone, Metal-plus phone, ADSL through au one net, 050 Number Service (KDDI-IP Phone), or Cable-plus Phone at home, and has registered KDDI for at least one of the three or more categories, including long distance within the prefecture and (long distance) out of prefecture, through My Line Plus.

  • [1] Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) is a technology that makes it possible to meld fixed line communication and mobile communication.
  • [2] As of June 2008
  • [3] Existing phone numbers that start with an area code such as 03-xxxx-xxxx.
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