KDDI Announces Launch of 'Telehouse Singapore,' Data Center in Singapore <Attachment>

1. Characteristics

'Telehouse Singapore' is located in a technology park with extensive infrastructure such as communication and power generation equipment and is conveniently located around 20 minutes by car from the city and airport.

This data center has high-power power supplies that can provide up to an average of 5.0KVA [1] per rack in order to meet high power consumption needs, which there is growing demand for.

Telehouse Singapore will also provide high-quality ICT solutions that are extremely stable and are able to connect to broadband network services such as 'KDDI Global IP-VPN' and the 'KDDI Global Powered Ethernet' within the data center.

  • [1] KVA (kilo volt-ampere) is the total actual voltage and current and is used to express the necessary power to operate electrical equipment.

2. Service Details

(1) Basic collocation services

1) Rack collocation services
KDDI Singapore provides 19-inch racks for customer equipment, and the racks have individual locks, cooling fans, and electric systems.

2) Cage collocation services
For customers who demand even greater security, KDDI Singapore provides space within a cage.

3) Open collocation services
Rack space and electricity for customers are provided on a single rack basis.

(2) Optional services

1) Customer facility monitoring services
In addition to monitoring services such as ping monitoring and SNMP trap monitoring, reports such as traffic reports and error history reports are provided.

2) Customer managed services
Telehouse also provides managed services for periodic maintenance and failure support services such as failure determination for customer devices, temporary recovery measures, and outsourced repairs.

3. Summary

Basic information Location Technopark Chai Chee
Size 1,500m²
Electrical equipment Incoming power supply Two main power feeds
back-up generator 2N redundancy configuration
UPS equipment N+1 redundancy configuration
HVAC equipment HVAC equipment N+2 redundancy configuration
Operation and security Operations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Languages Japanese and English
Security Security gate, vein identification system, and security cameras

4. Expected launch date of operations

October 15, 2008

5. Logo and photo of the facilities

logo: Telehouse Singapore

Photo: Exterior of building the facilities

6. Telehouse Singapore website

7. Telehouse Global map

Telehouse has expanded to include 11 sites in 6 regions and 7 cities.

Figure: Telehouse has expanded to include 11 sites in 6 regions and 7 cities.

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