KDDI Introduces New Flat-rate Service for au Cellular Phones

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

25 May, 2009

KDDI and Okinawa Cellular will start offering a 'Call Designation Flat Rate', a discount call service which will provide unlimited domestic calls for au cellular phone customers 24 hours a day at a monthly charge of 390 yen (including tax), and a 'Double-Teigaku-Super Light' flat-rate packet communication fee service, which will also start from the monthly charge of 390 yen (including tax). The 'Flat-rate Station-to-station Call' will be introduced from Monday, 10 August, and the 'Double-Teigaku-Super Light' will be become available on Saturday, 1 August.

The 'Call Designation Flat Rate' is a discount service which lets au cellular phones specify up to 3 numbers, subsequent calls to which will be available to customers on an unlimited basis for 24 hours at a monthly flat-rate charge of 390 yen (including tax). Although KDDI has previously offered 24 hour free domestic calls to families by combining the 'Family Discount' and 'Everybody Discount' services since March 2008, on this occasion, with or without customers' 'Family Discount' agreement, and regardless of time periods, unlimited calls to specified au cellular phones can be enjoyed 24 hours a day.

The 'Double-Teigaku-Super Light' is a flat-rate packet communication fee service which starts from the monthly flat-rate charge of 390 yen (including tax), regardless of the usage volume of 'EZweb' or Email at a monthly rate of 4,410 yen (including tax), and with 'PC site viewer' included. The monthly rate for unlimited use is 5,985 yen (including tax). Finally, with all other mobile data communication included, the monthly rate for unlimited use is 13,650 yen (including tax) [1].

Further to the previous popular 'Double-Teigaku-Light', which starts from 1,050 yen (including tax), and 'Double-Teigaku', which starts from 2,100 yen (including tax), by launching the 'Double-Teigaku-Super Light' service, available at a more reasonable price, customers who would usually have less access to packet communication can also enjoy packet services such as 'EZweb' and Email comfortably.

  • [1] Limited to applicable models.
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