KDDI Announces New Lineup of iida Products

KDDI Corporation

September 9, 2009

KDDI and Okinawa Cellular will introduce two new models to the iida brand products lineup, from the middle of September 2009. In addition to the new model of mobile phone, LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS, "a way of living" for many customers, which includes artfully designed peripheral items such as AC adapters and earphones, will gradually be introduced starting from the middle of October.

The brand name iida comes from the first letter of the words innovation, imagination, design, and art, and through collaboration with various designers and creators, the brand has come to embody these desires and ideas. KDDI is striving to transform iida into a lifestyle brand that is not limited to mobile phones but extends to a wide range of items peripheral to mobile phones.

The two new iida products to be introduced this time are the PLY with a novel design and color composition of five layers and the PRISMOID which realizes freshness and ease of use with a futuristic body and simple functions. In addition to the mobile phones, 23 various LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS that create a lifestyle, including specialized peripheral items for the PLY and PRISMOID and various carefully-designed AC adapters, will be introduced.

In addition, Polaris, a completely new mobile product that is both a mobile phone and learning robot, is being introduced as a concept model that expresses the innovation of iida.

The new lineup of iida mobile phones, LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS, and concept models will be on display at the KDDI Designing Studio located in Harajuku from September 10, 2009. They can also be viewed at the KDDI booth at CEATEC® JAPAN 2009, which is being held October 6-October 10, 2009, at Makuhari Messe (Japan Convention Center), Chiba.

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