KDDI Announces Introduction of KDDI Global IP-VPN Economy, a New Option for its KDDI Global IP-VPN service <Attachment>

1. Features

(1) Easy-to-introduce, low-cost IP-VPN service that uses a DSL line as an access line.
Overseas there are many regions without a developed communication environment, and sometimes when a dedicated access line is installed, fees rise even if speeds are slow. On the other hand, since there are many regions where DSL lines are becoming common, it is possible to introduce this service at a low cost using a local DSL line as an access line.

(2) Providing one-stop services that extend to DSL lines and rental routers in 120 countries and regions throughout the world
KDDI provides one-stop service that extends to procuring DSL lines and equipment, operating and maintaining the equipment, and handling problems. In addition, KDDI fully handles the contract and billing, which makes it possible to reduce the trouble and burden on the customer.

(3) Secure, high-quality network environment that combines IP Sec [1] and MPLS [2] networks
Compared to international communication, which has a major impact on delays, using a private MPLS network minimizes delays and packet losses and provides higher quality service than communication only through an Internet network.

  • [1] Security Architecture for Internet Protocol- protocol to ensure confidentiality at the IP packet level using encryption technology.
  • [2] Multi-Protocol Label Switching, a packet transmission technology that employs label switching.

(4) Highly expandable
It is possible to construct on the same network a hybrid network composed of the KDDI Global IP-VPN Economy at overseas bases where there is relatively little communication and KDDI Global IP-VPN for major bases. In addition, the service can be used as a backup line for KDDI Global Powered Ethernet and the KDDI Global IP-VPN.

2. Launch date

December 17th, 2009

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