KDDI Announces Founding of the Joint Venture TELEHOUSE VIETNAM and Opening of the Data Center TELEHOUSE HANOI in Vietnam

KDDI Corporation

December 17, 2009

KDDI Corporation, FPT Information System (FIS) [1], the largest system integrator (SI) in Vietnam, and ITX [1], which is expanding its telecommunications service business, established the joint venture TELEHOUSE VIETNAM, reached an agreement to develop the data center business, and concluded a contract among share holders.

The joint venture TELEHOUSE VIETNAM will open the new data center TELEHOUSE HANOI, which meets the standards of the data center TELEHOUSE, a member of the KDDI Group, and will launch operation in March 2010.

In Vietnam, there is strong demand among both foreign companies and Japanese companies that have entered the local Vietnamese market for data centers that meet international standards, which there are few of in Vietnam. Opening this new data center will meet this demand for a high-quality data center.

TELEHOUSE HANOI possesses stable facilities that make it possible to meet the current demand for large amounts of electricity. In addition to a loop power distribution system from the transformer, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and backup generator in case of incidences such as blackouts, the facility is equipped with various systems, including a fire detection system, to prevent other troubles. Extensive security measures have been implemented, which include security guards that man the site 24-hours a day and a facility access management system that employs biometric authentication. Melding its business development technology and operational know-how, the data center TELEHOUSE, a member of the KDDI Group which has expanded throughout the world, provides quality data center services.

The opening of TELEHOUSE HANOI will bring the total number of data center TELEHOUSE sites operated by KDDI Group, which has expanded its business throughout the world, to 16 in 9 regions and 10 cities.

In Vietnam, which is recording remarking economic growth, even for South East Asia, KDDI is supporting not only the construction and operation of telecommunications infrastructure, centered on highly reliable data centers, but also the global business of its customers in cooperation with the local KDDI affiliate.

  • [1] For details on FPT Information System (FIS) and ITX see the reference material
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