Launch of KDDI Brazil

January 6, 2011

In order to provide support for the construction of ICT environments for Japanese companies in Brazil, KDDI is launching "KDDI Brazil" (locally: "KDDI DO BRASIL SOLUCOES EM TECNOLOGIA LTDA") within São Paulo. KDDI Brazil will open for business from Friday, January 7, 2011.
With the launch of KDDI Brazil, KDDI offices outside Japan will number 88 offices in 25 regions and 57 cities worldwide.

Against a backdrop of bountiful natural resources and agricultural production, Brazil is displaying continuous steady growth, and Japanese investments in Brazil are also taking off. KDDI Brazil will provide a wide range of ICT solution services to clients focusing on Japanese companies developing business operations in Brazil. This range will consist of services such as consulting pertaining to IT system construction, including elements such as communications networks and security, and system integration and usage conservation support.

KDDI plans to continue to expand its global offices in order to better support Japanese company clients operating outside Japan.

See the appendix for details of KDDI Brazil.

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