Launch of Hong Kong Data Center "TELEHOUSE HONG KONG CCC" <Appendix>


(1) Overview of Data Center

General information Location Location Hong Kong Tseung Kwan O District
Space About 36,000m²
Electrical facilities Power source structure Loop power receiving system
Private power generation N+1 redundant configuration
UPS facilities N+1 or 2 (N+1) redundant configuration
Air conditioning facilities Air conditioner structure N+1 redundant configuration
Operation/security Operation 24hours/365days
Languages English, Cantonese
Security ID card verification, authentication, and video surveillance

(2) Contents of services

1) Basic services

  • Rack collocation service
    Accommodation for customer equipment in 19 inch racks provided by TELEHOUSE HONG KONG CCC. Racks come with individual locks, radiator fans, and an electrical system.
  • Cage collocation service
    Spaces enclosed in cages (of iron) are provided for customers who need a higher level of security.
  • Open collocation service
    Customer rack space and power sources are provided in single rack units.

2) Optional services

  • Customer equipment monitoring service
    In addition to monitoring, traffic reports and incident record reports are provided.
  • Customer equipment monitoring and maintenance services.
    Support for incidents measures according to counter flows and instructions submitted by clients in advance. At the time of regular management, maintenance services including periodical measures (change of tapes, rebooting machines, and monitoring of machines through visual observation) are conducted.

(3) Start of services
December 2011 (planned)

2. Overview of "HKCOLO.NET"

Company name HKCOLO.NET
Establishment date December 2009
Location Hong Kong
Number of employees About 30
Investment ratio KDDI 50%, Goodcolo 50%
Business activities Development of data center business in Hong Kong

〈Reference〉 About Goodcolo
Goodcolo is a holding company that has "HKCOLO.NET," which manages data center business in Tseung Kwan O District, Hong Kong, and "HKCOLO," which manages data center business that secures network connection with various telecom carriers in Hong Kong Island, as subsidiaries.

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