Launch of 980 yen per month "Plan Z Simple" lets au mobile phone owners call each other for free within Japan

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

September 26, 2011

KDDI and Okinawa Cellular will launch a new fee plan called "Plan Z Simple" on September 28, 2011. Plan Z Simple allows users in Japan to call other au mobile phones within Japan for free between the hours of 1 am to 9 pm for a monthly basic usage fee of 980 yen (tax included) [1]. Also, domestic C-mail messages between au mobile phone users are always free, 24 hours a day.

Domestic calls other than calls to au mobile phones and domestic calls to au mobile phones between the hours of 9 pm to 1 am are 21 yen / 30 sec. (tax included).
Attaching a fee discount service extends free call services to free domestic calls 24 hours a day to family members with the "Family Discount" [2] or free domestic calls 24 hours a day for calls to up to 3 designated au mobile phones with the "Call Designation Flat Rate" at a monthly flat fee of 390 yen (tax included). In addition, Plan Z Simple can be combined with any other packet communication flat fee service.

Plan Z Simple is only available with the Simple Course.

Overview of "Plan Z Simple," the new fee plan

Basic monthly usage fee (tax included) 1,961 yen
  If signed up for "Everybody Discount" 980 yen
Domestic call rates (tax included)  
  Calls to au mobile phones (1 am – 9 pm) Free
  Calls to au mobile phones (9 pm – 1 am the next day)
Calls other than calls to au mobile phones
21 yen/30 sec.
Domestic video call rates (tax included)  
  Calls to au mobile phones (9 pm – 1 am the next day) 37.8 yen/30 sec.
  Calls to au mobile phones (9 pm – 1 am the next day)
Calls other than calls to au mobile phones
Domestic C-mail (tax included)  
  To au mobile phones Free
  To non au mobile phones 3.15 yen/message
Free calls N/A
  • [1] If signed up for "Everybody Discount.". The monthly basic usage fee is 1,961 yen (tax included) if not signed up for "Everybody Discount."
  • [2] If signed up for "Everybody Discount" in addition to "Family Discount."
  • * Basic usage fees are calculated per days used for mid-month signup and cancellation.
  • * A Universal Service Fee is charged separately.
  • * Because the Everybody Discount requires a successive contract in two year blocks, in the case of contract termination or temporary suspension, or discontinuation of your Everybody Discount during the contract period, a contract cancellation charge of 9,975 yen (excluding renewal months) is incurred, regardless of how many years you used the Everybody Discount. Unless you specify that you wish to cancel the discount service, it will renew automatically for two year blocks.
  • * For calls that straddle the 1:00 am or 9:00 pm time designations, charges are waived for the time segment straddling a time designation (30 seconds).
  • * If KDDI determines that a call may have a negative impact on communications for other users, such as calls that last for a long period of time, KDDI reserves the right to disconnect that call.
  • * Calls to special numbers such as voice mail (1417) do not count as free calls to au mobile phone users.
  • * Just as "Plan E Simple / Plan E" and "Plan F (IS) Simple / Plan F (IS)" are compatible with the "GUN-GUN Student Discount," Plan Z Simple is also compatible with the "GUN-GUN Student Discount." The basic monthly usage fee for Plan Z Simple is only 490 yen (tax included) for the period of time in which the "GUN-GUN Student Discount" applies. (No new applications are being accepted for the "GUN-GUN Student Discount.")
  • * The information contained in the news releases is current at the time of publication.
    Products, service fees, service content and specifications, contact information, and other details are subject to change without notice.

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