Launch of New AR Brand“SATCH”Aimed at Bringing AR into Everyday Life
- Opening Up of Mobile AR Application Development Environment -

December 15, 2011

KDDI´s new AR (Augmented Reality) brand "SATCH” makes AR applications more accessible, easier and handier to use.
By elevating AR into a lifestyle tool, SATCH aims to create a world in which AR is a part of everyday life, based on the catchphrase, "The world is more fun than it appears,” in the sense of "catching information” and "checking out information simply by holding up your mobile phone.”

To promote the penetration of SATCH and further popularize AR applications, KDDI will offer SATCH SDK, an AR software development kit for mobile phones using image recognition technology developed by Total Immersion S.A. (Head office: France; CEO: Bruno Uzzan) free of charge on a "SATCH Developers” (Note) from December 15, 2011,6pm(JST), in an effort to open up development of AR applications.
Utilizing D´Fusion®, Total Immersion´s image recognition engine, SATCH SDK can read images directly, without using markers such as 2D barcodes. It also offers excellent image recognition accuracy, tracking and stability.
Using SATCH SDK, companies and application providers can create AR applications for mobile phones in an open development environment, and by registering their AR applications with au one Market, they can develop new corporate promotions and services incorporating AR. Henceforth, customers will be able to enjoy a whole new world every day through AR, obtaining wide-ranging information and images from AR apps, irrespective of genre such as products, stores and sightseeing spots.

Companies and organizations that have already adopted AR applications using SATCH SDK include Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd., Suntory Liquors Limited and Morinaga & Co., Ltd.

In addition, KDDI plans to provide a "SATCH VIEWER” (tentative name), an AR browser equipped with a portal function for introducing mobile AR applications developed with SATCH SDK and an AR application playback function, creating an environment in which customers can enjoy AR at first hand.

  • * D´Fusion® is a trademark of Total Immersion S.A.
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