• No longer accepting new applications for Caller ID Request and Do-not-disturb services.
  • As of April 30, 2013, we are no longer providing the Caller ID request and Do-not-disturb services of the KDDI-IP Phone add-on services for customers currently using au one net's B FLET'S course.

Add-on services (For customers who have subscribed to the partner providers)

In order to allow customers to use an IP phone more conveniently based on their requirements, add-on services are offered.

Caller ID requestPay
Caller ID request

For customers who have subscribed to the partner providers

This service responds to those who have called with the caller notification on "Hide". An announcement comes on telling the caller to redial with the caller notification setting on "Show".

Monthly usage rates
¥200 [1]

<Message content>
Please try again using the dialing procedure for identifying your telephone number.


This service responds to those whose numbers have been set to be blocked. An announcement comes on telling the caller that they cannot make the connection, at the request of the callee.

Monthly usage rates
¥300 [1]

<Message content>
The number you have dialed has been disconnected at the customer's request.

  • [1]
    If you subscribe to both services as a set, the discount price (¥450) will be applied.

How to call

To activate "Caller ID request" and "Do-not-disturb" services, register on the Self Page.

Open link in a new windowSelf Page (in Japanese only)


  1. All IP phone home devices except for some IP phone compatible devices provided by NTT East/NTT West are equipped with these functions.
    (However, the voice messages are not connected. For details, refer to the user manual included in the package.)
  2. "Caller ID request" and "Do-not-disturb" services are available only when an IP phone number ("050" number) is dialed.
    (These services are not available for calls via the conventional phone system.)
  3. When a message is sent based on "Caller ID request" or "Do-not-disturb" services, the charges will be incurred.
  4. The "Caller ID request" service is not available for international calls, calls from a public phone, or calls from an area outside the display-enabled areas.
  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.