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Metal-plus Phone


As of June 17, 2013, applications for Metal-plus Phone are no longer accepted.

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What is Metal-plus Phone?

Metal-plus Phone is a telephone line service supplied via an independent KDDI network without relying on an NTT line. This phone connects customers directly to KDDI's high quality IP network without going through an NTT telephone switch allowing them to make local and long-distance calls, international calls, and calls to IP phones, mobile phones, PHS phones, and emergency services (110, 118, and 119).

  • May not be available in some areas.

Basic charges

Metal-plus Phone monthly usage fees are ¥1,400/month [1] [2]

¥1,300/month if you use an au smartphone or mobile phone. A savings of ¥100!

  • [1]
    The above charges only apply for account transfers and credit card discounts.
  • [2]
    A universal service charge is separately incurred.
    Universal Service System

Calling charges

Daytime on weekdays: 8:00 to 19:00 Metal-plus Phone (Same for all time periods)
Calls to general phones Local/3 min. ¥8
In-prefecture long-distance/3 min. (between 20 km and 60 km)
Out-of-prefecture long-distance (over 100 km) ¥15
International/1 min. (Example: Mainland USA) ¥9
Calls to mobile phones au phones/1 min. ¥15.5
NTT DoCoMo phones/1 min. ¥16
SoftBank phones/1 min.
Y!mobile phones/1 min.
PHS phones/1 min. ¥10
(Additional ¥10/call)

Usage fees

Combining with an au smartphone or mobile phone

Combine the billing statements of your au smartphone, mobile phone, and Metal-plus Phone into one – KDDI Collective Billing

  • Receive a ¥100 discount from monthly basic charges when using Collective Billing.
  • All billing statements are combined into one.

Metal-plus Phone bill au mobile phone bill Simple management with a single bill by subscribing to the KDDI Collective Billing Service!

Use KDDI Collective Billing to save even more on domestic calls – au Collective Talk

  • Collective Talk is applied letting you save on domestic calls 24 hours a day.
  • Use the au→My Home Discount to make domestic calls from your au smartphone or mobile phone to your home free of charge 24 hours a day.

au Collective Talk Your au mobile phone Free domestic calls Metal-plus Phone Free domestic calls All au mobile phones au My Home Discount

What is au Home Phone?

This is the collective name for the many fixed-line services provided by KDDI. au smartphone and mobile phone users can combine those services with au Collective Talk and enjoy free calls within Japan 24 hours a day between fixed-line phones and between mobiles and fixed-line phones.

au Home Phone

  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.