Metal-plus Phones

Charged Fees

Basic & add-on service usage rates

Basic & add-on service Monthly usage rates Initial cost
Basic monthly rates [1] Counter payment ¥1,500 -
When a discount on account transfer/credit card payment is applied ¥1,400 -
When applying a KDDI Collective Discount [2] ¥1,300 -
Add-on call function services Call-waiting (equivalent to NTT "catch phone") ¥300 Free
Incoming number display
(equivalent to NTT "number display")
¥400 Free
Caller ID request
(equivalent to NTT "number request")
¥200 Free
Call-waiting number display
(equivalent to NTT "catch phone display")
¥100 Free
Nuisance call blocking
(equivalent to NTT "Nuisance call blocking service")
¥700 Free
Call forwarding ¥500 Free
Check KDDI incoming call history with your au mobile phone Free Free
Other functions and services Dual-tone multi-frequency
(without abbreviated dialing service function)
Free Free
Phone number change announcements
Foreign call block
  • [2]
    This is the rate for when both payments by account transfer/credit card (when applying discounts) and the KDDI Collective Discount are applied. The KDDI Collective Discount is applied when using the KDDI Collective Billing Service.
    Open link in a new windowKDDI Collective Billing Service (in Japanese only)

Processing and construction fees

Function or service type Monthly usage rates Initial cost
Clerical processing & phone number related fees Registration fees - ¥1,000
Number portability - ¥1,500
Number change - ¥2,000/registration
Detailed phone bill issuing ¥100 -
Start-up construction fee ¥100/month (60 months after start-up)
New set-up initial construction fee [3] - ¥6,800
  • [3]
    New set-up initial construction fees are incurred when applying for a new line without switching from an NTT subscriber phone.

Calling rates

Type Dial number Calling rates
Calling a domestic fixed-line phone Local call Fixed-line phone number
* Area code can be dropped ¥8 (¥8.4 with tax)/3 min.
¥8/3 min.
In-prefecture long-distance calls Area code + fixed-line phone number ¥8/3 min.
Out-of-prefecture long-distance calls Area code + fixed-line phone number ¥15/3 min.

International calls

Metal-plus Phone international calling rates table

Dial calls (001) -010-Country code-

Mainland USA
¥9 (tax free)/1 min.

KDDI Card/
credit card calls
0055- Download PDF fileSame fee as general fixed-line phones (79KB)
Super World Card 0055- Download PDF fileSame fee as general fixed-line phones (79KB)
Calls to mobile phones Calls to au mobile phones 080-/090- ¥15/1 min.
Calls to other mobile phones 080-/090- ¥16/1 min.
Calls to PHS 070- ¥10/1 min.
Additional ¥10/1 call
Calls to IP phones Service provider 050- ¥10/3 min.
Calls to special numbers Emergencies Police 110 Free
Ambulance 119
Coast Guard Headquarters 118
Time 117 ¥8/3 min.
Weather forecast 177 Local/In-prefecture ¥8/3 min.
Out-of-prefecture ¥15/3 min.
Directory assistance 104 ¥200 [4]/number
Telegram 115 Free (The telegram fee is charged as a separate fee, billed by KDDI)
Disaster emergency message dial 171 ¥8/1 min.
Caller ID display/block toggle for each call 184/186 Normal calling rates
  • [4]
    Charges for directory assistance have been revised as of June 1, 2015.
  • Calling rates cannot be combined with existing discount services (DANZEN TALK II & DX, etc.)
  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.