Domestic Data Center Services

This page describes the features and benefits of KDDI's domestic data center services for corporate and business customers.


With a wealth of reliable experience and advanced expertise, KDDI's domestic data center services provide powerful business support

Features & Benefits

Domestic data center services solve customer issues such as the following

"We are having trouble handling the operation and management of our in-house systems, which increase in number and complexity day by day"

The colocation services provided by KDDI's data centers take care of your critical systems equipment. Abundant floor space is available, enabling you to flexibly expand your operations according to your needs. Featuring reliable security systems, earthquake-resistant construction, and power and air conditioning systems installed in a redundant configuration, KDDI's data centers support the growth of your business with large-capacity intranet and high-speed Internet services that only a telecommunications carrier can provide.

"We have considered disaster contingency planning for our in-house data center, but the labor and cost requirements are unknown, so we cannot estimate our annual budget"

With the domestic data center services, KDDI undertakes all of the facility construction, eliminating the need for you to worry about these issues.
Power and air conditioning bills are included in the monthly charges, making it easier to estimate your annual budget.

Two reasons to use the domestic data center services

  1. Reason 1With a wealth of reliable experience and advanced expertise, KDDI's data centers provide powerful support to your business

    Through 10 years of experience (as of July 2014) in providing data center services to approximately 1,000 business clients, KDDI has accumulated abundant expertise in meeting the increasingly advanced and diversified needs of our customers. The domestic data center services offer solutions that fit the needs of your business as it grows, such as the ability to provide flexible management, monitoring, and maintenance operations that keep costs down while maintaining highly reliable Internet access and secure networks.

  2. Reason 2A wide variety of services are available, from intranet to ISP and cloud services

    Domestic data center services utilize an ultrahigh-speed backbone to provide a comprehensive range of high value-added services for network operations, including colocation services, managed services, and KDDI Wide Area Virtual Switch 2. KDDI supports a wide variety of needs for customers ranging from ISP/cloud providers to businesses using intranet.

Benefits of using domestic data center services

  • Reduction of TCO
  • Establishment and implementation of business continuity management (BCM)
  • Enhancement of security and privacy
  • Improvement in network operation efficiency
  • Reduction of administrative workload due to total management of IT infrastructure
  • Effective use of flat rates
  • Improvement in efficiency and reduction of costs due to centralized control of servers and data
  • Ability to expand business overseas through use of global data center services (TELEHOUSE)