Intranet Services

Intranet Services

This is a new network service that utilizes SDN technology on a wide area network to achieve various added value on the network.

This is a new type of network service with a new concept of a wide area virtual switch that is unlike other wide area Ethernet and IP-VPN services, and it is being introduced for the first time in Japan by any domestic communications carrier.

This wide area Ethernet service provides wide area mesh networks in a one-stop solution from backbones to access lines.

Utilizing an abundance of backbones to their fullest, this is a high quality and affordable IP private network that is secure, which is vital to corporate communication networks.
This service utilizes NTT East's and NTT West's B FLET'S and FLET'S ADSL for access lines to the KDDI IP-VPN service for the data communications of corporations.

We provide a cloud-based business-grade Wi-Fi service that includes management and certified platforms. This service provides central maintenance and operation with access lines.

Dedicated Line Services

We have a full lineup of dedicated services that suit your necessary needs for higher quality and bandwidth guarantee.

This is a simple new dedicated line service that builds large-scale networks with high quality and low delay.

This high-speed, high-quality service connects two locations via Ethernet and does so at a low cost.

Video Transmission Service

Send high-quality video anytime, anywhere domestically or internationally in real time.

Long-term Video Transmission Service (in Japanese only)
Transmit stable quality video and audio at high speed with a dedicated fiber optic line. Achieve superior real-time video distribution with superior cost performance.
Instant Video Transmission Service (in Japanese only)
This service can be used in various ways - transmit live news, live sports, concerts, or plays domestically or internationally. We also offer total coordination for video transmission that meets your demands.

Remote Access Services

We have a wide array of solutions for you to completely implement these services from network planning to construction to maintenance.

This remote access service provides you with a connection to your in-house Intranet from various communication devices with one ID. We also offer open network and closed network connections for the communication environment.

This secure remote access service makes it possible to access your Intranet from outside the office by using a variety of communication devices that support a wide array of communication standards.
Closed Remote Gateway
This highly secure service directly connects KDDI data lines with WiMAX and au networks (CDMA module) without using the Internet.