KDDI Domestic Ethernet Services

A high-speed, high-quality point-to-point dedicated Ethernet service is available at affordable rates

Overview & Features

  • High-speed, high-quality Private Leased Circuit service via Ethernet interface.
  • Directly connectable to existing corporate LAN devices via the protocol-free layer 2 dedicated Ethernet service.
  • Ideal for providing disaster recovery or establishing a connection between the data center and corporate headquarters.

The KDDI Advantage!

  • Provides a wide range of menus ranging from 10Mbps to 100Gbps at a reasonable price.
  • Monitors the network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide a speedy response to emergencies.

This Ethernet-based point-to-point PLC service enables your company to connect its corporate LAN directly between two offices via an Ethernet interface. The service provides a high-speed, high-quality line at an affordable price by keeping initial costs to a minimum when implementing the IPLC. Additionally, this service allows you to continue using the existing address architecture as it also supports non-IP protocols (e.g. IPX, SNA, FNA, and AppleTalk) and even mixed environments with multiple protocols.

Image: The KDDI Advantage!