KDDI Domestic Ethernet Services

Charges (Bandwidth Guarantee Type/100Gbps)

Monthly charges

Classification based on
Access line usage
ONU usage charge Total
Up to 50km ¥15,640,000 ¥120,000 x 2 centers ¥15,880,000
Up to 200km ¥22,050,000 ¥120,000 x 2 centers ¥22,290,000
Up to 600km ¥28,460,000 ¥120,000 x 2 centers ¥28,700,000
Over 600km ¥80,700,000 ¥120,000 x 2 centers ¥80,940,000
  • For 100Gbps connections, an Optical Network Unit must be installed by a network operator. In this case, no additional charges are required for usage of the wiring installation equipment.
  • The minimum service period is one year.

Long-Term Usage Discount

If you sign a contract for the long-term usage discount, the basic monthly charges for line usage are discounted.

For three-years' continuous usage The basic monthly charge for line usage will be discounted by 7%
For six-years' continuous usage The basic monthly charge for line usage will be discounted by 11%
  • ONU usage charges are exempt from this discount service.
  • If you decide to cancel or change the long-term usage discount service within the current long-term usage discount service contract period, you will be required to pay the difference (if any) in full.

Initial costs

Type of installation When this charge is applied Unit Price
Installation of line connections Work on main distributing board in station due to creation of new line, change of product type (speed), suspension of service, etc. Per installation/work ¥2,500
ONU related work Installation of ONU etc. Per installation/work ¥20,000
  • In addition to the charges listed above, there may also be additional charges such as for other construction work carried out on the customer's premises.
  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.