KDDI Flexible Private Leased Circuit Service

Recommended for companies requiring a low-latency and bandwidth-guaranteed network for business communication between corporate facilities, such as a link between headquarters and data center!

Overview & Features

KDDI Flexible Private Leased Circuit Service is a bandwidth-guaranteed network service utilizing MPLS-TP (Multi Protocol Label Switching - Transport Profile) technology.
MPLS-TP technology expands label switching using the conventional MPLS and offers quality and functionality equivalent to the existing Private Leased Circuit service by combining routing control and high-quality OAM function [1].
With a wide variety of bandwidth menus, flexible interface menus that even allow for the use of the existing telecommunication devices, and access multiplexing option that integrates multipoint communications, this high-quality and highly-reliable KDDI Flexible Private Leased Circuit Service enables the construction of a large-scale PLC network.

  • [1]
    OAM: Operations, Administration and Maintenance

Figure: Overview & features

Lower network latency

This service offers lower latency over the entire network by choosing the most appropriate transmission line route.

Support for flexible network construction

  • Adds mid-range menus ranging from 1Mb/s to 1Gb/s
  • Offers an access multiplexing option and an access multiplexing (LAG redundancy) option.

Wide variety of Service Level Agreements

Provides four types of service level agreements such as SLA for network latency, utilizing Ethernet-OAM technology [2].

  • [2]
    SLA: Service Level Agreement

Lines provided through a dedicated interface

Combine CES and SyncEther technology to provide a service equivalent to a high-speed digital PLC.

  • CES: Circuit Emulation Service. This is the technology that maps SDH frames onto Ethernet frames.
  • SyncEther: This technology transmits clock signals on Ethernet frames, enabling customer premises equipment to be synchronized with the existing high-speed digital PLC.