KDDI Flexible Private Leased Circuit Service

Service & Option menus

For the Ethernet interface menus, the interface type can be selected regardless of the speed offered by the contracted service.
You can select the interface suitable to your plan to speed up the connection in the future, or your policy.

Menus Ethernet Interface menus Dedicated Interface menu
Speed 1-10Mb/s
1M basis
10M basis
100M basis
1.5Mb/s 45Mb/s 150Mb/s
Area Kanto area & Osaka [1]
Interface 10BASE-T o - - - - -
100BASE-TX o o - - - -
1000BASE-T o o o - - -
1000BASE-SX [2] o o o - - -
1000BASE-LX [2] o o o - - -
JT-I431-a - - - o - -
ANSI T1.107 DS3 - - - - o -
JT-G707 STM-1 [3] - - - - - o
Minimum use period 1 year
  • [1]
    Depending on the equipment used, the service may not be available even within the area.
    The areas are as follows:
    All areas of Tokyo except minor islands (outlying islands)
    Kanagawa-ken Yokohama-shi, Kawasaki-shi
    Saitama-ken Saitama-shi
    Chiba-ken Chiba-shi, Inzai-shi
    Tochigi-ken Utsunomiya-shi, Haga-machi
    Gunma-ken Tatebayashi-shi, Maebashi-shi
    Ibaraki-ken Mito-shi
    Yamanashi-ken Kofu-shi
    Osaka TELEHOUSE OSAKA Osaka-chuo
  • [2]
    1000BASE-SX/LX is provided using an LC connector.
  • [3]
    Supports the Telcordia Technologies GR-253-CORE compliant SONET OC-3

Option menu

Access multiplexing option
To make a multipoint line multiplexed to 1 access, it is required to give a VLAN tag that has been pre-defined between KDDI and customers to data at their premise.
This option is suitable for constructing a network that offers highly-reliable communications from headquarters/data center to multiple locations.
Figure: Access multiplexing option
Connections can be extended without requiring operators to visit data center premises.
Also, you can speed up/slow down any line without affecting other multiplexed lines.
  • The maximum number of lines to be multiplexed to 1 access is 99.
  • This option is unavailable with the Dedicated Interface menu.
Access multiplexing (LAG redundancy) option
This option offers a backup center connection and switches connections between KDDI's equipment and customer premises equipment using the link aggregation (LAG) function.
As the switch over to a redundant system is available not only within KDDI's service area, but also in the case of IF failure of customer premises equipment, it helps to enhance the reliability of essential data center premises.
Figure: Access multiplexing (LAG redundancy) option
Link aggregation…Standardized as IEEE802.3ad by IEEE. This technology virtually treats multiple connections as a single connection to increase the communication speed and enhance fault tolerance.
  • This option does not guarantee that the line facility uses a different route configuration between a local switch and a customer's premise.
  • Customer premises equipment needs to support LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol).
  • This option is unavailable with the Dedicated Interface menu.