Satellite Communications

Satellite Communications as Disaster Countermeasure - Using as a means of emergency communications - (in Japanese only)

The world becomes the calling area. Experience reliable and advanced communication.
When used in combination with your smartphone or tablet, this mobile router provides access to IRIDIUM satellite communications.
This is a satellite phone service that turns the world into a service area. This service succeeds in various scenarios like as a communication tool that can be used anywhere or as a means of emergency communication.

A constant connection is now possible!
With fixed monthly charges, you can now use high-speed data communication. You can use communication for business and welfare while at sea more conveniently and comfortably without worrying about cost.

The INMARSAT service is a communication service that allows you to use phone and Internet through the INMARSAT geostationary satellites. This service makes communication possible on ships, land, deep in mountains with no communication setup, and disaster areas.