Charges & Discounts

This page describes the charges and discounts (for devices such as mobile phones) for KDDI's corporate and business customers.

Data Options

  • Data Charge (in Japanese only)
    Extra amounts of data can be added to the subscribed Flat-rate Data (packet) service or rate plan.
  • Data Carryover (in Japanese only)
    The unused amount of monthly data for the Flat-rate Data service can be carried over and used until the end of the next month.
  • Data Gift (in Japanese only)
    Group members can give data amounts to each other, ensuring that no data amounts are wasted.
  • Extra Option (in Japanese only)
    If you exceed your monthly data amount, you can continue using data communications without the speed constraints.
  • Long-term Preferential Data Gift (in Japanese only)
    Long-term au customers receive an extra amount of data once every 3 months.

Optional Rate Services