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cloud (general service)

This service can contribute to visualization, efficiency and sales profit of your business by combining more than 2000 sensors, KDDI network and cloud services.
This service is for those who expect to launch your new business and improve business efficiency with creative ideas.
This service can support customers to improve and develop their own service quality, also this enables customers to understand their problems and discover their new business opportunities by combining and analyzing both customer's data and our partner's data for IoT.
This service can support those who expect to sale valuable data through API or to discover their new business with combination of various kinds of API.
This service enables customers to manage and control their own IoT devices (equipment) remotely that are located in different sites through a service portal site.
In addition, this also enables customers to monitor and check status of FW, version , positioning information, radio wave intensity, battery level and so on.

cloud (general service)

By setting an open-close sensor on a door of each booth, this service can contribute to multi purposes such as...
real time monitoring availability of each booth, saving waiting time, optimizing timing for cleaning and numbers of lavatory booth.
This service can help control water volume in toilet optimally with combination of flushing valve in plumbing pipe and controller in a booth.
IoT technology like this can support customers to understand how these are used in each booth.
This is a package service designed for those who would like to deploy their new service and develop their business efficiency by leveraging drone technology.
No experience and/or no knowledge about drone technology is no problem and difficulties.
This is a package service providing locational information by adding GPS and communication feature implemented in sensor into "KDDI IoT Cloud Standard" package.
This service contribute to safety & security management for staffs who need to work under somewhat harsh or extreme environment.
This can prospect heat level and/or bad weather and then notify to site manager by measuring temperature & humidity surrounding factories (or other sites) through wearable devices for staffs.
This is an one-stop solution (service) providing multi features from alert notification to potential system failure detection.
Firstly need to put sensors on devices (equipment) in the factories, then automatically gather status information related to each device (equipment) in the factories, finally can analyze these data.

communication network

This is an IoT communication service for LTE.
This is an IoT communication service for LPWA technology.
This is a LTE-based communication service for those who plan to commence IoT with ease. (Service for enterprise)
This is a LPWA-based communication service for those who plan to commence IoT with ease. (Service for enterprise)