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The KDDI Group Declaration of Health-Focused Management

Our mission statement states: "The KDDI Group values and cares about the material and emotional well-being of all its employees, and delivers a thrilling customer experience by always going further than expected with the ultimate goal of achieving a truly connected society." As the success of the company depends on a happy and energized workforce, we see the health of our employees as a key agenda for the management of the KDDI Group. We hereby declare our commitment to health-focused management, through which we will support the health of our employees at the organizational level as we strive for a prosperous future.

The KDDI Group will:

  1. Encourage and help our employees to take proactive steps to improve and maintain their health.
  2. Work closely with the KDDI Health Insurance Union and the KDDI Workers Union to improve the physical and mental health of our employees and their families.
  3. Embed a "health first" culture within the group, where the pursuit of physical and mental health creates an energized and productive workforce.

Work Style Reform

In January 2017, we launched full-scale initiatives for work style reform to promote fundamental changes in perspectives and behaviors toward a work style that is more productive. We also established the Work Style Reform Promotion Committee as part of the initiatives. The committee members consist of General Managers representing Divisions and the General Manager, Human Resources Division is the chair. Since April 2018, the heads of strategic subsidiaries have also been participants. From fiscal 2019, we launched a work style reform project team with a primary mission of accelerating the adoption of diverse work styles and implemented work style reforms, such as developing a better work environment and the vision on new work style.

Mental health care

KDDI formulated the Mental Health Promotion Plan and is carrying it out while implementing PDCA cycles for mental health initiatives. In addition, from fiscal 2019, we stationed 36 new internal counselors across the company and began interviewing all employees. The interviews enable us to hear directly from employees and assess working conditions from perspectives that differ from those of their superiors. They also help us quickly identify employees who are showing signs of difficulty even in the absence of reports from said employees, enabling us to act promptly in cooperation with medical professionals and managers as necessary. In this way, we are creating a healthful work environment.

Enhancing Employees Health

Providing Health Exams That Exceed Legal Requirements

We conduct regular health exams that are more detailed than required by law, with an examination rate of 98.3% (FY2019). Following those exams, we inform all those diagnosed with observation by email. As for those who are diagnosed with severe health problems, we urge them to have an emergent consultation at a medical institution as soon as possible, and in fiscal 2019, 98.3% of employees followed the advice. For employees with conditions that do not appear to improve over time, we provide counseling with their supervisors and industrial doctors as well as health guidance until their conditions improve. In addition to the company program to assist with complete medical checkups, in since FY2018, we have had a program in place to provide full reimbursement for breast cancer screening for female employees 35 years old or more.

Furthermore, in partnership with the KDDI Health Insurance Union, we actively promote measures to prevent diseases from becoming severe (data health planning). The health guidance given by the union to prevent lifestyle-related diseases achieved a complete rate of 23.4% for active support and 27.5% for motivation support, and we continue our efforts to increase these rates, including continuous support on an e-mail basis. To promote better health, the union also dispatches lecturers to provide health seminars at workplaces and, in fiscal 2018, introduced a health business that provides free dental checkups.

In addition to measures taken to date, in fiscal 2019, we introduced KDDI Wakuwaku Points, which is a health point program for all employees with the goal of encouraging improvements in behavior by, for example, promoting fun exercise (walking) and changes in lifestyle habits.

Safety and Health Management for Employees and Their Families Transferring Overseas

We conduct various activities aimed at ensuring the health and safety of employees working outside Japan. We provide consultations with industrial doctors to employees before they transfer overseas, interviews with medical staff to all employees returning to Japan and follow-up care after the regular health exams to employees working overseas. We also began conducting stress check for employees working overseas and providing follow-ups, including health checks as required. Furthermore, we have established and implemented the Vaccination and Health Report Guidelines for International Transferees and Business Travelers from the perspective of health management and employee safety for those transferring or traveling outside Japan.

We introduced a medical return program that covers the expenses of employees or accompanying family members returning sick or injured to Japan, if an industrial doctor judges that they should receive treatment in Japan. In preparation for emergent situations, we have set up emergency evacuation services for all employees stationed or on a business trip overseas for evacuating in the event of terrorism or political instability. We also offer emergency medical transport services for the transport of severely ill or injured persons to a different country for medical treatment if necessary.

A "health first" culture

Recognized as a company in line with Health and Productivity Management 2020 (White 500)

We were recognized by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi for our outstanding health management initiatives that consider the health of our employees from a management perspective and which are strategically carried out.

This led to being recognized as a Health and Productivity Management 2020 company in the large enterprise category (White 500) (as of July 2020).

We will continue our health-focused management drive to embed a culture that prioritizes health and to create an energized and productive workforce.