ESG Presentation Meeting

Date Tuesday, March 13, 2018 9:30 am-11:30 am
Location 28F Presentation Room, Garden Air Tower
Respondents Akira Dobashi, Executive Officer, General Administration & Human Resources Division
Minoru Tanaka, General Manager, General Administration Department
Kentarou Torimitsu, General Manager, CSR & Environment Management Department
Hideyo Mase, General Manager, Diversity & Inclusion Department
Hironori Abe, General Manager, Local Development Support Office
Keita Horii, General Manager, Investor Relations Department (MC)

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  • QI would like to know if you have any ideas about how the environmental and social aspects of ESG contribute financially to increase corporate value.

    A communication environment does need to be established for IoT, and the revitalization of local industry and the use of IoT lead to greater demand for communications even in local areas, so we would like to continue our efforts in this area over the long term. To do so, it is necessary to establish the environment that is used for this purpose. We believe there is still room for IoT to develop in terms of solving regional issues, and the continued emergence of concrete applications will lead to greater usage. (Abe)
    One goal of our Smartphone and Mobile phone Safety Classes is to eliminate the negative aspects of mobile phone usage among youth. As the aim is not to increase the au share, we do not collect any data how it contributes to our actual performance. However, there are seniors in classes who become interested in using smartphones and we sometimes hear attendees say "I will visit au Shop after this class". Although it is to enhance literacy of senior ages and not an activity that aims to boost sales, we take pride in the fact that it leads to an increased number of au users and increased corporate value. (Torimitsu)
    The enhancement of ESG activities improves the overall strength of the company, including the cultivation of human resources, and we believe this is directly connected to improving our business results. Regarding the visualization of the relationship between ESG activities and business results, we would like to pursue efforts that address this issue in the future. (Dobashi)

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