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A True Business Partner Contributing to Clients' Businesses

KDDI believes digital transformation (DX) is a collaboration to create new business value crossing industry lines. We gather the collective capabilities of the KDDI Group to fully support customers' businesses.

ALL KDDI Contributes to Customers' Business

KDDI provides original and optimal solutions based on a robust and high-quality communications infrastructure to fully contribute to customers' businesses while striving to continue working as a sincere partner. The importance of utilizing IT is of increasing importance due to the acceleration of digitalization in business. KDDI and Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. established KDDI Digital Design Inc. to maximize utilization of the cloud and IoT technology and design customers' businesses based on a clear strategy. KDDI and LAC Co., Ltd., which has advanced security technologies, established KDDI Digital Security Inc. to support the secure and robust platforms that are indispensable for business. While moving toward the age of IoT/5G, KDDI will draw even closer to customers, establish a framework to design business through ALL KDDI and continue to meet expectations.

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IoT Worldwide Architecture

When companies engaged in global business development utilize IoT overseas, line management for IoT utilization is a major issue where companies have to either depend on roaming connections to a domestic network or sign individual line agreements with telecom carriers in each country. KDDI and Toyota Motor Corporation have been collaborating on building a global communications platform for standardizing onboard data communication modules worldwide to manage lines in the same way as in Japan, and to make "connected cars" a reality among the world's vehicles. In June 2018, KDDI announced the KDDI IoT Worldwide Architecture, which will provide support from global IoT connectivity to data analysis for a wide range of industries overseas through collaboration with partner companies to expand IoT platforms. We are moving ahead with an aim to commercialize the project by 2019.

▲KDDI IoT Worldwide Architecture

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Business Development through IoT

KDDI provides a single-stop destination indispensable for promoting IoT from sensors to network infrastructure, data accumulation, visualization and analysis. We will arrange a list of IoT solutions to match customers' needs and working together with customers identify individual issues to promote innovation as a business partner to resolve issues. We have a track record of numerous installations, including for remote monitoring and security of electricity usage, safe operation of buses, monitoring manhole water levels, managing mackerel farming, checking toilet vacancies and managing water conservation, as well as predicting breakdowns in factory equipment and protecting employees. Using the expertise accumulated and assured technological capabilities as a base, we are contributing to customers' business innovation and resolving social issues.

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Business Support for SME Customers

In addition to KDDI telecommunications services such as au mobile phones and fixed-line services, each company in the "KDDI MATOMETE OFFICE" group provides many other things that offices need, such as sourcing PCs and printers, relocating or renovating offices, and preparing disaster countermeasures. For example, KDDI supports not only theft prevention but clients' business efficiency through "MATOMETE Network Camera with safie," an inexpensive and secure cloud-based network service that enables confirmation of live-action footage or recorded images anywhere, anytime via smartphone or PC. By increasing office efficiency, reducing costs, and transforming operating environments through the creation of ICT environments, KDDI contributes to the business development of small and mediumsized corporate clients throughout Japan.

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