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Realizing Prosperous Communications―Oriented Societies around the World

Leveraging the expertise we have accumulated as a pioneer in Japanese international telecommunications, KDDI provides ICT solutions centered on highly reliable, high-quality data centers. In recent years, we have actively engaged in the consumer business overseas to contribute to economic growth and improve people's lives in different countries.

Initiatives for the Overseas Consumer Business

Based on its business experience and expertise in telecommunications services including in mobile phones, fixed-line communications, and the Internet, along with its reliable technological capabilities nurtured in Japan and overseas, KDDI is moving aggressively to take advantage of opportunities in growing overseas markets, including emerging markets. In 2014, we embarked on the telecommunications business in Myanmar in collaboration with Sumitomo Corporation and Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT). As the leading general telecommunications carrier in Myanmar's rapidly growing economy, we are now working on expanding and enhancing the quality of our network there, beginning full-scale 4G LTE services. In 1995, we invested in the establishment of MobiCom Corporation LLC in Mongolia. Since its establishment, we have provided 4G LTE services as the leading general telecommunications carrier in Mongolia. KDDI will continue to enhance the quality of calls and communications and expand area coverage to contribute to the economic development of the countries in which it is already active while steadily working to increase growth in new growth markets.

The MPT Shop in Myanmar Plaza shopping mall

The flagship shop of MobiCom in Mongolia

Global Leader in High-Quality ICT Solutions

KDDI offers one-stop solutions optimized to meet customers' operational needs, spanning data centers, cloud services, networks, IoT and more. We configure the global networks that are indispensable to overseas business launches, as well as operate and offer maintenance for IT environments including internal offices and large-scale industrial estates. Operating at more than 100 locations around the world, full support is provided by local staff who are well-versed in local conditions and customs. Our "TELEHOUSE" data centers are available in over 40 locations in more than 20 cities across 12 countries and regions [1]. KDDI is used by many clients as a global business platform. In addition to reliability and quality services based on 30 years of operational experience, KDDI is also appreciated by customers for providing high connectivity integrating one of the world's best Internet exchanges, communications and cloud businesses.

  • [1]
    As of July 2019

TELEHOUSE LONDON Docklands North Two

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Partnerships with More than 600 International Telecommunications Carriers

KDDI leverages its strong relationships cultivated over more than 60 years with more than 600 international telecommunications carriers to engage in businesses. KDDI is providing international telephone services to countries and regions throughout the world. For au mobile phone users in Japan, "au International Calling FLAT" provides international phone calls at a flat discounted rate to certain countries and regions. KDDI has also realized broad coverage for its "au World Service" for overseas use and "World Data FLAT," which gives users access to packet data in eligible countries and regions at a flat 24-hour rate, just as in Japan.