For Consumers

Making Individual Lifestyles Even More Exciting

"au" helps customers select the devices that best meet their needs, and we help them enjoy a host of content over optimized networks. And the services KDDI provides go beyond mere communications services and provide a variety of other services that enrich customers' daily living, including payments, shopping, electric utilities and finance.

Providing Discounts Matching Customers' Usage Patterns

For customers using au smartphones and au mobile phones, we have repared the "au Pitatto Plan," where data fees automatically change according to the volume of data used, and the "au Flat Plan," where discounts are offered even for high-volume data communications. Furthermore, from the summer of 2018, we will begin offering Netflix users the new dedicated payment plan "au Flat Plan 25 Netflix Pack," which is a package of content services and smartphone communications services offering discounts for watching Netflix's video content on au smartphones. The "au Smart Value" package offers discount rates on smartphone or au mobile phone service to subscribers who use KDDI's fixed-line service or "au Smart Port" [1] as a set. The fixed-line service includes the world's fastest "au HIKARI Home 10 Giga" phone package, as well as affiliated fiber-optic Internet service and cable TV service with 252 channels [2], from one of our 152 affiliated CATV companies in the user's local area.

  • [1]
    Speed Wi-Fi HOME L01/L01s
  • [2]
    As of May 2018

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"au Smart Pass Premium" Makes Services More Affordable and Enjoyable

"au Smart Pass Premium" has enjoyed positive reception from many customers as the premium service within "au Smart Pass." The service offers exclusive member benefits with "au Everyday" and "Santaro Day," with daily discounts on movies and karaoke and free gifts such as French fries. Together with initiatives to improve customer experience value such as "Data Recovery Support" when devices become damaged and "Wi-Fi Security" to protect communications when connected to Wi-Fi, we aim to enhance safe and secure services. Various other services include "Video Pass," offering unlimited viewing of movies and anime; "Uta Pass," which offers unlimited listening to hits from the past through to the latest songs; "Book Pass," to enjoy unlimited viewing of e-books; and "Disney Pass," providing unlimited use of Disney-related content. And with "News Pass," customers can easily read news that interests them.

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"au STAR" - With You for the Long-Term

To express its appreciation for loyal subscribers, KDDI provides a membership program called "au STAR." This program is available free to any au subscriber. Members receive an "au STAR来店予約," which allows the member to make priority reservations at an "au shop." The "au STAR Benefit Points" plan rewards its longtime customers by providing "au WALLET points", based on the number of years they have subscribed to au services and past data volume charges. Throughout the year, special "au STAR Gift" items will be available to members only. These three services are only available to au STAR members. KDDI hopes that this will make customers satisfied to have chosen au services.


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Earning Points for Special Offers with "au WALLET"

The "au WALLET Prepaid Card" is a prepaid e-money card that is accepted around the world wherever MasterCard (R) is used. Customers earn "au WALLET points" during everyday shopping and certain shops even offer bonus points. Points can be charged and used for subsequent shopping visits and can also be used to pay monthly communications charges. We also offer customers the even more beneficial and convenient "au WALLET Credit Card," which allows customers to accumulate more points by setting it as the payment method for monthly au phone and communications charges. The "au WALLET Gold Card" can also be used, and customers can choose the card that best suits their lifestyle.

au WALLET Prepaid Card, au WALLET Credit Card, au WALLET Gold Card

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