Privacy Policy

Attached Sheet 1-2

Services Associated with Main Telecommunications Services Provided by KDDI

  1. Services provided integrally with and inseparably from telecommunications services

    • Network filtering services such as Anshin Access Service
    • Loan of routers and other connection devices
    • System development and maintenance
    • Others
  2. Services based on use of telecommunications services provided by KDDI

    • Security services
    • Payment services such as au Kantan Kessai (Easy Payment)
    • Services related to sales and guarantees of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets
    • Music streaming services such as Uta Pass
    • Online shopping services
    • au point program services
    • Handset positional information services

    • Advertising services
    • App delivery and coupon delivery services
    • Game services
    • Community services
    • Auction services
    • Auto ID login services
    • Others
  3. Services tied to personal information associated with telecommunications services provided by KDDI using the same ID and administered in the same database