About the KDDI brand

KDDI is designing a "future" where people and society can establish better relationships. For example, we pursue new potential from our customers' point of view, and consistently provide ambitious and innovative services. For example, we know where the world is headed while providing services and engaging in efforts that contribute to people's lives and to society.
The combination of KDDI resources such as fixed-line phones, mobile phones, infrastructure and people produces flexible creativity. With such creativity and an ability to take bold actions, KDDI strives to create flexible and innovative values where society and people are united.

Aspirations of the KDDI brand

The KDDI brand aspires to bring wonderful improvements to the daily lives of customers and to society as a whole. By continuing to embrace the challenge of exceeding expectations, we aim to design a rich future.

Brand slogan

Designing The Future

Brand logo

The bold font and gentle curve in the KDDI brand logo symbolize the continuous growth and evolution of the company. The sturdy look of the characters represents a sense of reliability and security, and the italic type represents a sense of speed and our spirit of challenge. The KDDI blue represents our future perspective, innovation and technical capabilities. The gradation of the Earth represents our globally connected world.


Brand promise

Our promise is to have an intimate understanding of customers and society, and to continue embracing the challenge of always exceeding expectations, while contributing to the achievement of a wonderful society.