Always with Customers

For Maximum Customer Satisfaction

The Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS) improvement process

Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS) is not merely an abstract concept. At KDDl, it is the guiding principle for every thought and behind every action of everyone from our executive management to the newest employee. It derives from our understanding that successful business begins by exerting the utmost effort for the benefit of our customers and carefully forging enduring relationships of trust with each user.
In order to maximize user satisfaction, the operations of every department are considered points of contact that provide products and services to users. We review all processes through the eyes of our customers, and we constantly endeavor to raise the level of satisfaction not only for users, but all KDDl stakeholders.

Basic Concept of TCS
To maximize customer satisfaction,
every operation is considered to be connected to the products and services,
and every process is reviewed from the customer's viewpoint.
Targeting all stakeholders,
from the top managers to the employees,
each person makes it his or her own task to realize customer satisfaction on a company-wide basis.

This is the mission undertaken by all persons of the KDDI Group, and the basic conditions required of all.

KDDI CS Policy

We have formulated the KDDI CS Policy to embody our "customer-first" philosophy and to assert that this basic guideline be shared throughout the organization.

KDDI CS Policy

Listening closely to the voices of our customers

KDDI listens closely to the voices of our customers and has created a system in which the ideas and needs of our customers regarding points that need to be improved are shared across our organization and lead to action. Customers’ views and needs are registered daily in the system, creating a database that is shared by all the employees. The views and needs are then analyzed from various angles by the relevant department to identify the issues. In order to provide better products and services, efforts are made to resolve issues in TCS Committee meetings attended by the president and management executives.
Initiatives for improved services and quality are posted on the website as the occasion arises.

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