About the KDDI Brand

The logo, slogan, and statement for the KDDI brand, which represents our company and the corporate business, express our aspirations with respect to customers and society.

KDDI Brand Vision

The vision of the KDDI brand is to connect customers and society through the use of cutting-edge technology, which is typified by 5G/IoT, and to create new experience value in daily life and company activities around our core business of telecommunications, with the aim of achieving sustainable development and growth together with our customers and society as we move forward into the future. These values are reflected in the KDDI brand slogan of "Tomorrow, Together".

Brand Logo

The bold font and gentle curve in the KDDI brand logo symbolize the continuous growth and evolution of the company. The robust appearance of the characters conveys a sense of reliability and security, and the italic type conveys a sense of speed and our spirit of challenge. The KDDI blue represents our future perspective, innovation, and technical capabilities, while the gradation of the Earth represents our globally connected world.


Brand slogan

Tomorrow, Together

Brand Statement

Who determines the future? And where does it start?

The future isn't a mystery someone conjures up somewhere.
It's not something long-awaited that comes from afar.
The future exists inside each and every one of us.

That's why KDDI wants to connect the people of the world,
linking ideas and businesses as closely as possible and
connecting possibilities like dots across a page to
transcend borders, defy convention, and overcome limitations.

We know that encounters spark inspiration and nurture creativity.
That's why we want to keep connecting.
By combining communications with life design,
we will help the world grow in a powerful, sustainable way.

No one knows what the future holds,
but that's exactly what makes life interesting.
With a reliable partner like KDDI at your side,
every obstacle becomes a welcome challenge.

The future is more exciting when you create it yourself.
So let's move forward, together, and explore the extraordinary.

Tomorrow, Together KDDI