Business Vision

KDDI's Medium-term Objectives (2016-2018)

Integration of Telecommunications and Life Design
~A Business that Provides Customer Experience Value~

KDDI's goal is to provide a variety of useful products and services that exceed customer expectations, helping them to design their own lifestyles and liberating them from everyday inconveniences to gain greater freedom. To provide customers with this kind of experience, we are advancing the integration of telecommunications and life design. Our business management direction calls for transforming into a business that provides customer experience value, with a brand message of "New Freedom." We seek to provide that freedom and customer experience value as cornerstones of a customer-driven perspective (liberation) and innovation (discovery).

KDDI's Medium-term Objectives

1. Sustainable Growth in the Domestic Telecommunications Business

Our "3M Strategy" Aims to Maximize the Value of "ID x ARPA"

KDDI aims to perpetuate growth in the core domestic telecommunications business through its growth strategy. As IoT expands, a multitude of new experiences and activities are possible. By leveraging these possibilities, KDDI seeks to maximize revenues―the product of total subscribers (ID) and average revenues per subscriber (ARPA). Meanwhile, KDDI is acting as a true business partner of corporate clients by contributing to their businesses.

2. Maximize the au Economic Zone

Integration of Telecommunications and Life Design

The au brand has 39 million subscribers and over 15 million "au Smart Pass" subscribers. There are about 2,500 au shops and a billing platform, which allow KDDI to sell attractive products through "Wowma!," a comprehensive shopping mall site, life and casualty insurance, housing loans and other financial services, in addition to telecommunications services. KDDI is expanding into new business sectors like electric power and payment processing. By advancing the integration of telecommunications and life design, KDDI will provide products and services that meet the needs of customers at each stage of their lives.

  1. Life Design Initiatives

3. Aggressively Develop Global Business

Accelerating Growth in Consumer Businesses and Steady Revenues from ICT

KDDI's global consumer business earned a positive reception from consumers in Myanmar and Mongolia, and we aim to become the top telecommunications carrier in these markets. The global ICT business offers data center services under the "TELEHOUSE" brand in 23 cities across 12 countries and regions (47 locations in total). By offering premium data center services to meet the needs of corporate clients, we aim to expand this business.