Life Design Initiatives

KDDI is expanding its provision of various services tailored to customers' lifestyles. We will link telecommunications services with life design services in fields such as commerce, finance, energy, entertainment, and education. Furthermore, we will accelerate our efforts to expand the "au Economic Zone" by proposing new value to customers and developing life-enriching services.

1. Commerce Services

KDDI operates the general shopping mall website "Wowma!," offering popular and topical fashions, cosmetics, gourmet foods, and other everyday items, and "au WALLET Market," where customers can purchase carefully selected products from both au shops and the Internet. Looking ahead, we will work to meet our customers' diverse shopping needs by providing an even better line up of appealing products.

2. Energy Services

KDDI's "au Denki" electricity service, available nationwide [1], offers special low rates and allows customers to accumulate points tied to their monthly charges. A useful app provides easy access to information on electricity usage and estimated monthly billing amounts. We will continue to provide even more efficient, convenient services using IT.

  • [1]
    Not available in Okinawa and some island locations

3. Financial Services

KDDI's Group companies provide a wide range of financial services to meet customers' needs, including Internet banking, credit cards, insurance, and loans. In 2016, we launched "au Insurance & Loans," a new financial service combining the online and physical worlds. The new service has been highly rated. We will continue to develop services that provide better customer experience using IT.

4. IoT and 5G Services

KDDI offers "au HOME," a consumer IoT service enabling customers to check the status of their home and communicate with family members. In summer 2018, KDDI also established "KDDI DIGITAL GATE," a business development site for creating new business solutions in anticipation of changes to come with cutting-edge technology, including the full-scale introduction of IoT, 5G and AI. We will continue working with a variety of partner companies to offer services that make our customers' lives richer and more enjoyable.