"KDDI Japan Direct" Service to Cease in Brazil and the Ukraine

KDDI Corporation

April 30, 2008

Due to decreasing demand, KDDI will discontinue 'KDDI Japan Direct' international telephone services in Brazil and the Ukraine on May 1. 'KDDI Japan Direct' is a service that provides for calls to Japan from overseas.

Services to be discontinued include calls from Brazil and Ukraine within 'KDDI Japan Direct'. 'Super Japan Direct' service from Brazil will continue, while Super Japan Direct service from Ukraine will no longer be provided.

KDDI Japan Direct is a service for international calls to Japan directly through a KDDI operator. Payment can be made by calling collect, or using a KDDI Card or major credit card.

KDDI Super Japan Direct is a service for international dialing to Japan from push-button phones. Payment can be made using a KDDI Card, major credit card, or KDDI Super World Card.

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