KDDI Announces Opening of Moscow Branch Office in Russia

KDDI Corporation

July 8, 2008

KDDI Eastern Europe, an overseas local subsidiary of KDDI Corporation, will open its Moscow Branch Office, located in Moscow Russia, in the middle of July 2008. This will bring the number of overseas KDDI branch offices to 60.

The branch office in Moscow, a city where numerous Japanese companies in various industries including finance, trading, and production have opened offices, is the company's second office in Russia, the first being the Saint Petersburg office opened in October 2006. The opening of the Moscow branch office further strengthens KDDI's ability to provide a wide range of high-quality ICT solution services and to flexibly and rapidly respond to the various needs of customers including those related to network support in Russia in addition to the integration of various systems and the maintenance the systems.

KDDI considers customer support in the ICT field a priority and is expanding and extending its network of offices.

The following is an outline of the Moscow Branch Office.

(1) Name
KDDI Eastern Europe Moscow Branch Office

(2) Location
Moscow, Russia

(3) Office manager
Hiroshi Ito (also manager of the Saint Petersburg Branch Office)

(4) Opening date
Middle of July 2008

(5) Main activities
System integration, consulting, construction, operation, and maintenance of ICT infrastructure, support when introducing local communication services, and provision of various types of communication equipment, etc

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