KDDI Announces Launch of 'Telehouse Singapore,' Data Center in Singapore

KDDI Corporation

October 14, 2008

KDDI Singapore, a member of the KDDI Group, is pleased to announce that it will open the data center 'Telehouse Singapore' located in the Technopark Chai Chee, an IT business cluster in the eastern part of Singapore with extensive infrastructure including communications and power generation facilities. The center has launched the services on October 15, 2008. This will be the 11th facility for 'Telehouse,' a member of the KDDI Group, which has operations throughout the world.

There is growing demand for data centers both in Japan and overseas. The opening of this new facility is a strong response to demand for data centers in Singapore, which is the center of Southeast Asia and a region that many Japanese companies have expanded into.

This data center is equipped with stable facilities that can meet future high power consumption demand. Power is supplied through two main power feeds from the electric substation, and the facility is equipped with an uninterruptible power supply/back-up generator in case of situations such as black outs. There is also equipment, such as fire detectors, to prevent catastrophic problems.

There are comprehensive security measures for the facilities including security guards on duty 24 hours a day and site access management based on a vein identification system.

Telehouse Singapore brings together the technical and operational knowhow built up by KDDI Group data centers throughout the world and provides high-quality data center services.

The KDDI Group founded 'Telehouse' in 1989 and will continue to support customers' global business through the experience and knowledge it has accumulated over these 20 years.

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