KDDI Announces 7 New au Mobile Phones

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

October 27, 2008

KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are pleased to announce the introduction of a lineup of seven new au mobile phones rolling out from early November.

The new lineup includes the 'Wooo Keitai W63H', 'EXILIM Keitai W63CA', and 'AQUOS Keitai W64SH', all of which boast optimal display specifications for enjoying video content.

The 'Wooo Keitai W63H' and 'EXILIM Keitai W63CA' incorporate the world's first [1] 3.1 inch wide-type VGA organic EL display [2], while the 'AQUOS Keitai W64SH' incorporates a 3.5 inch large wide-type VGA liquid crystal display, which is a first for au mobile phones, making it possible to enjoy 'LISMO Video' and 1Seg content on a large display in high definition with high quality. In addition, the 'EXILIM Keitai W63CA' boasts a 8.1 megapixel camera, the largest in Japan [3].

Users can view video content such as 'LISMO Video' in a wider range of situations by using these models with the 'au BOX', of which KDDI expects to launch rentals in November. The 'au BOX' makes it possible to enjoy music and video content without a PC or audio equipment.

With models including a speedy controller making it possible to scroll and easily control music functions while playing sports, models that are global passport GSM compatible and can be used in 181 countries and regions throughout the world, a stylish water proof 1Seg model, and a slim 1Seg model only 12.9 mm deep, this new lineup is certain to meet the diversifying needs of our customers' various lifestyles.

  • [1] as of October 2008
  • [2] as Visual wide VGA
  • [3] as of October 27, 2008
  • * "Wooo" is a registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd.
  • * "EXILIM" is a registered trademark of Casio Computer, Co., Ltd.
  • * "AQUOS" is a registered trademark of Sharp Corporation

Photo: W63H, W63CA, W64SH

Photo: W65T, W65K, W64S, W62P

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