KDDI Announces Expansion of KDDI Global Powered Ethernet Service Areas to Germany and Taiwan

KDDI Corporation

November 26, 2008

KDDI announced that it will introduce KDDI Global Powered Ethernet, an international wide-area Ethernet service for corporate clients, in Germany starting from the latter part of December 2008 and in Taiwan in fiscal 2008.

KDDI Global Powered Ethernet, the first service in Japan with L2 switches overseas, is a high quality network-style Ethernet service for international communication, which involves larger and larger volumes of data. The service was introduced in September 2006 and is presently available in six areas including the U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, China (Beijing and Shanghai), and England. The introduction of the service to Germany and Taiwan will increase the number of areas that the service is provided in to eight.

KDDI is providing even broader support for the global expansion of customers through this extension of services to Germany and Taiwan. KDDI will continue to work to expand the areas that KDDI Global Power Ethernet service is provided in to handle customer's growing demand for broadband communication and global Intranet.

1. Outline of Global Power Ethernet

  • Possible to economically construct an Intranet between multiple overseas offices since the configuration is any-to-any
  • Provides low cost and high quality broadband global communication
  • Ensures high security equivalent to dedicated lines
  • Possible to use other protocols other than IP since the service is protocol free
  • Possible to use with low-cost equipment through an Ethernet interface
  • Enhanced reliability with quadruple redundancy using submarine cables with link protection for completely different routes

Image: Outline of Global Power Ethernet

1 Transmitter
2 Japan
3 L2 switch
4 Transmitter
5 Optical fiber
Link protection
6 Link protection
7 Backup
8 Optical fiber
9 Backup
10 Damage
11 Damage
12 Transmitter
13 Transmitter
14 L2 switch
15 U.S

2. Fees

Service is provided starting from 1M bandwidth. If 10M is surpassed, the fee is based on the Intranet configuration that the customer builds for each item in increments of 10M. In terms of bit unit price, the fee is lower than that for international dedicated lines and IP-VPN.

Bandwidth Unit item fee
1M - 10M per 1M
10M or greater - 100M per 10M

3. New service areas

Germany and Taiwan
Present services areas include U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore, Korean, China (Beijing, Shanghai), and England

4. Launch date

Germany Latter part of December 2008
Taiwan Fiscal 2008

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