KDDI Announces Global Expansion of Overseas Area Network Managed Package Service Areas <Attachment>

1. "Global Area Network Managed Package" (Wide-area Ethernet service)

The "KDDI US Powered Ethernet", wide-area Ethernet service being offered to corporate customers by KDDI America, KDDI's American affiliate, is now also being offered in Japan under the name "Overseas Area Network Managed Package". KDDI US Powered Ethernet is an enterprise-ready networked Ethernet service that allows intranets spanning multiple locations to be built economically using high-capacity, high-quality lines. The service has been implemented by KDDI America covering the USA mainland using its own L2 switches and incorporating tie-ups with several domestic American carriers. This enables KDDI America to offer a low-cost service with excellent redundancy and availability. The service is available as of Tuesday, February 17, 2009.

2. "Global Area Network Managed Package (IP-VPN)" in Thailand and Malaysia

This is an efficient, low-cost network service for customers with multiple bases in each country, provided by forming tie-ups with major communications providers in each region. In the past, customers expended much time and effort maintaining connections with various communications vendors and system integrators in each region, but KDDI has unified this work, providing a single point of contact and simplifying and reducing the amount of time and work required. Also, various options are available for mobile communications carriers in each country, so inexpensive service suited to customers' needs and requirements can be provided. This service is scheduled to be available by the end of March, 2009.

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