KDDI Announces the Introduction of the New au Mobile Phone Brand 'iida' and New Products

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

April 7, 2009

KDDI and Okinawa Cellular have provided attractively designed mobile phones through various efforts including the au design project. By developing and expanding these efforts, collaborating with independent designers, and designing products with people's lifestyles in mind, the two companies will establish the new brand iida. Starting in the later part of April 2009, iida brand products will gradually be introduced.

The brand name iida comes from the first letter of the words innovation, imagination, design, and art. As a growing number of customers are more particular about design than a wide range of functions and are looking for products that go with their lifestyles, the iida brand was established in collaboration with independent designers, and iida products including handsets and peripheral items that are designed taking into consideration how customers live their lives will be introduced one after another.

The first iida brand products will be the global passport compatible G9 handset, which was designed by Ichiro Iwasaki and provides a sense of quality and ease of use as a tool, and the Mobile pico projector, which can project both one-seg broadcasts and photos taken with the handset onto surfaces. After that, "Dots Obsession, Full Happiness with Dots," "My Doggie Ring-Ring," and "Handbag for Space Travel," three art editions created by the world-renowned avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama, will be introduced.

In addition, there is misora, which was designed based on the concept of simple comfort and a shape that is natural to the hand like sky and water, the nature that one comes in contact with in daily life, and five types of AC adapters that are also interior accessories.

Refer to the attached material for details on each model and when the models will go on sale.

New iida brand products will go on sale from April 8, 2009, and will be on display at the KDDI Designing Studio located in Harajuku.

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