KDDI Releases New au Mobile Phone Line-Up
—Diverse range includes "Book Phone" ideal for reading, a compact, waterproof sports model, Japan's first full Hi-Vision model, and SOLAR PHONE—

May 25, Tokyo-From May 29, 2009, KDDI and Okinawa Cellular will start to release a new line-up of thirteen au mobile phones.

KDDI presents eight new handsets designed to create new lifestyles and blend in with customers' daily life. In total, the new line-up comprises thirteen models, including four under the already-announced "iida" brand, plus the E06SH for commercial users.

The "biblio" is an optimal model for reading, with a 7 GB data folder enabling users to carry a shelf-full of books around, and a 3.5-inch Full Wide VGA++ [1] screen supporting touch operation. The "Sportio water beat" is a compact, waterproof model for the sports scene. The "Mobile Hi-Vision CAM Wooo" is Japan's first [2] mobile phone with full Hi-Vision shooting capability, while the SOLAR PHONE SH002 is the world's first [3] waterproof model with a solar panel, enabling solar-powered battery charging.

Customers can choose from a diverse line-up: The T002 is a waterproof model with a full range of features plus Global Passport support, enabling it to be used overseas as well. The waterproof, impact-resistant G'zOne CA002, is the latest model in the G'zOne series of durable handsets. The K002 is a stylish, slim model supporting mobile TV; it has a 2-megapixel camera and 3.0-inch IPS screen in a body just 10.9 mm thick. The Simple Keitai K003 offers a sophisticated design, while making all kinds of features and operations easy to use.

The release schedule for the new models will be announced separately.

  • [1] 480 x 960 dot resolution
  • [2] Survey by manufacturer. (As of May 2009)
  • [3] Survey by ROA Group. (As of March 2009)
  • * Wooo is a registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd.
  • * G'zOne is a registered trademark of Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
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