KDDI Enhances 'PC site viewer' Functionality

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

25 May, 2009

KDDI and Okinawa Cellular will enhance the new 'biblio' and 'T002', both produced by TOSHIBA COPORATION, to improve functionality of the 'PC site viewer,' the service that allows you to view websites intended for PCs with your au cellular phone. 'PC site viewer' is to be released from June 2009.

'Opera Mobile 9.5' will be introduced with a new user interface incorporating a zoom in/zoom out function, ensuring websites can be viewed in optimal comfort, as well as an improved toolbar and icon menu. Accordingly, the 'PC site viewer' will become so user-friendly as to be almost instinctively operable. The adoption of a tab browsing function and a 'speed dial' for easier access to your favorite websites will also allow you to browse the web faster and more freely, while access to content-rich sites is improved through Ajax [1] applications, all of which will allow you to enjoy an operating environment closer to that of a PC, regardless of time or place.

Moreover, accessing the Internet with 'Wi-Fi WIN' through a wireless LAN connection and fixed broadband lines will make it possible to play streaming media such as 'YouTube™' Flash Video contents, and even up-and download files to 10Mb, ensuring you instant use of high-volume Internet content.

  • [1] Ajax: Collective term for technologies that establish asynchronous communication and an interface inside a web browser.
  • * 'Opera' is a trademark or registered trademark of Opera Software Asia.
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