KDDI Introduces 'au Smart Sports' - Sports Support Service Combining Cellular Phone and PC

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

25 May, 2009

KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are supporting everyday sports with the introduction of 'au Smart Sports', and in addition to the 'Run & Walk' and 'Karada Manager' currently on offer, now also brings you 100 kinds of exercise to practice anytime with 'Fitness' and 'Golf', including lessons and content matched to suit target users. The new services will be launched on Thursday, May 28.

Moreover, healthcare services will include 'Karada Manager', which can support customers' attempts to achieve their goals and provide advice on meals. And now the with the advent of Bluetooth® compatibility, services recording and managing body composition data through communication are available.

'au Smart Sports Fitness' proposes 100 kinds of exercise and relaxation programs, which can be tailored to suit individual health conditions and lifestyles simply by answering some quick questions. Also enjoy genuine yoga and Pilates routines obtainable via your au mobile phone, as well as dance and aerobics etc. via PC and a graphical guide to your calorie consumption. This service is provided as a joint venture with HI CORPORATION, with the latter responsible for the system and application development. The service is also under the supervision of National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA).

With 'au Smart Sports Gold' a recommended lesson menu is offered based on targets set by the user, and the 'Form Check' application program lets you compare your swing with the benchmark target simply by taking a picture with the au cellular phone, meaning beginners too can soon improve their skills and have fun in taking up golf. This service is provided as a joint venture with the Golf Digest Online Inc., responsible for the system, development and content production.

What's more, increased cooperation in the e-commerce domain comes in the shape of the 'au x adidas' to enrich your sporting life and make it more fun. The 'au x adidas' corner has been newly established in the 'another work*s' shop in the 'au shopping mall,' where sales of adidas running goods and 'au x adidas cellular phone holders-IV' are underway.

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