KDDI Announces iida Award 2010, a LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS Design Competition

KDDI Corporation

September 9, 2009

KDDI is pleased to announce the iida Award 2010 design competition, which will develop and examine a broad range of iida LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS, a brand of products that are "a way of living" for many customers. The first competition is open to college and graduate school students in Japan or overseas, and products can be submitted from September 30, 2009.

KDDI is working to develop iida LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS to provide customers with a new lifestyle through not only mobile phones but also Peripheral Items. The AC adapter MIDORI, the first such product that went on sale in April, sold out within a couple of weeks.

The first iida AWARD 2010, which KDDI is holding in order to provide customers with products that have even newer value while maintaining its efforts through collaborations with designers, is open to college and graduate school students. KDDI is soliciting ingenious, thoughtful ideas through this design competition, and after conducting workshops with the top students selected through the screening process, KDDI expects to turn the ideas into iida LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS in 2010 or later.

1. Outline of the first iida Award 2010

Based on the theme of LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS that add pleasure to daily life, this is a design competition for peripheral items for mobile phones and the accompanying digital contents.

2. What to submit

Ideas for either iida LIFESYTLE PRODUCTS that can be turned into products or digital content that enhances these products

3. Participation requirements

  • College or graduate school students during the submission period
  • All ages, sexes, and nationalities are welcome.
  • Items developed jointly by multiple designers can also be submitted
  • Ability to participate in workshops (will be held 2-3 times a month for at most one year starting in January 2010).
  • Details on how to submit items can be found on the iida website (

4. Specially invited schools

  • Istituto Marangoni (Italy)
  • Parsons The New School for Design (U.S.)
  • Vantan Design Institute

5. Submission period

September 30-November 30, 2009

6. Results announcement

The screening results will be announced in the middle or later part of January 2010 on the iida website. A presentation site will be created for students who make it through the screening.

7. Support

Instituto Italiano di Cultura (Italian Cultural Institute)

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