KDDI to Participate in ITU TELECOM WORLD 2009 <Attachment>

Major Exhibitions

Global ICT
Seamlessly integrating global telecommunications with quality: "Global ICT Solution"
  • Global network including international broad Ethernet service "KDDI Global Powered Ethernet"
  • Global ICT support including global data center "TELEHOUSE"
Mobile Making your lifestyle richer, more natural: "au's mobile business"
  • au's mobile phone lineup including "biblio," "Mobile Hi-Vision CAM Wooo," and "Solar Phone SH002"
  • "iida" lineup including "PLY," "G9," and Art Editions YAYOI KUSAMA "My Dog Lin Lin"
  • au's mobile phone service, including "au Smart Sports" and "LISMO"
R&D Cultivating the Future of Communications: "R&D"
  • "Multi-site MIMO" using the applied MIMO technology to speed up the throughputs of mobile phones based on cooperation between multiple base stations
  • Space browser platform "Real Space See-through Keitai" to access desired data by holding a handset
  • Mobile WiMAX "UQ WiMAX" provided by KDDI's group company "UQ Communications"

Presentations within the booth

KDDI Corporate Profile Presentation KDDI group's business overview
TELEHOUSE Ensuring Ultimate Peace of Mind Presentations by TELEHOUSE EUROPE employees
Where the World's ICT Needs Are Managed Presentations by TELEHOUSE AMERICA employees

Booth image

Booth image

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