KDDI Announces New Lineup of au Mobile Phones - Diverse Selection with Japan's Top-class 12M-pixel Cameras and High-quality Videos, to Slim & Compact Models, and Models for Elderly and Junior Users

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

October 19, 2009

KDDI and Okinawa Cellular announced today that they will introduce their new lineup for au mobile phones beginning from late October, 2009.

The new lineup features diverse selection to meet users' different lifestyles, ranging from models with Japan's top-class 12M-pixel cameras and high-quality videos, to slim and compact models, and models for elderly and junior users. The lineup covers 20 models in total, including the previously announced two models in the iida brand, the E07K corporate model, and the four WiMAX-enabled WIN data communication terminals.

The lineup includes: EXILIM Keitai CA003 equipped with a 12.2M-pixel camera compatible with high-speed shooting of 20 photos per second and the Dynamic Photo® function; AQUOS SHOT SH003 capable of shooting super-high-quality photos easily with a 12.1M-pixel CCD camera and a 3.4-inch touch-panel display; stylish EXILIM Keitai CA 004 featuring a 8M-pixel camera for high-quality photos; and SH004 with a 8M-pixel high-sensitive camera.

The other models in the lineup include: BRAVIA® Phone U1 allowing for replaying, even in a bathtub, videos recorded with a Blu-ray Disc recorder; SA001, the world's thinnest [1] One-seg-enabled slide-type handset; the world's thinnest [2] water-proof T003; water-proof SH005 with a choice of seven colors; compactly-designed S002 compatible with Global Passport GSM that can be used in 192 countries and areas; URBANO BARONE, a second sequel to the URBANO series with comfortable functions and sophisticated design to appeal to adult users; easy-to-use, simple-style Kantan Keitai K004; and mamorino for junior users that comes standardized for the first time in the industry [3] with Cocosecom's alarm-synced emergency service.[4]

The lineup comes pre-installed with the newly revamped LISMO!, an easy-to-use download service for music, videos, and even books, as well as the industry's largest 3,000 pictographs. Also, now more models are compatible with other great features, including the improved Decoration Mail function and EZ News EX.

The release date will be announced separately.

  • [1] For a One-seg-enabled slide-type handset. Source: Mediainteractive (August 2009).
  • [2] For a water-proof flip-type handset. Source: Toshiba (August 2009).
  • [3] For a mobile handset compatible with Cocosecom's alarm-synced emergency service. Source: Secom (October 2009)
  • [4] To use Secom's emergency service requires a separate service contract with Secom.
    EXILIM and EXILIM Keitai are Casio Computer's registered trademarks. Dynamic Photo® is Casio Computer's registered trademark. AQUOS and AQUOS SHOT are Sharp's registered trademarks. BRAVIA is Sony's registered trademar
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