KDDI Annouces the Renewal of LISMO! - LISMO! Empowered as New Entertainment Brand for Music, Videos, and Books

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

October 19, 2009

KDDI and Okinawa Cellular announced today the renewal of "LISMO!" music/video service for au. Now the service serves as an integrated entertainment brand to offer book-related content, in addition to music and videos. Beginning from October 19, 2009, the service will also offer new functions, including a cross-section search of music, video, and book content, and a download of multiple content files.

Launched in 2006, the LISMO! service has expanded its music and video offerings, including Chaku Uta Full Plus™, Chaku Uta Full ®, Utatomo®, and LISMO Video. Now, in addition to its existing music/video offerings, the service offers EZ Book, au one Book, and other book-related offerings in one stop. Serving as an integrated entertainment brand to support various ways to enjoy music, videos, and books, LISMO! proposes new enjoyable lifestyles for users.

Timed with this announcement, the service also features new functions under the concept of "improved ease of use" and "attractive content."

The "improved ease of use" concept includes the following new functions: a comfortable content search in the portal, whereby users can do a cross-section search of music, video, and book content; an enhanced search function with an ease-of-use music search function allowing for search, preview, and purchase; improved LISMO Player and LISMO Port; and a Bluetooth® connectivity with external devices for users to enjoy music while driving. In addition, under the "attractive content" concept, LISMO! now offers new content distribution methods to make content more attractive for users: Digital Package allows users to download multiple content files simultaneously; and High-quality Video Keitai downloads high-quality original dramas to mobile phones.

  • * Chaku Uta Full Plus™ and Chaku Uta Full® are Sony Music Entertainment's registered trademarks.
  • * Utatomo® is Label Gate's registered trademark.
  • * Bluetooth® is Bluetooth SIG, Inc USA's registered trademark.
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