KDDI and MediaFLO Japan Continue Verification Tests of Multimedia Broadcasting Services for Mobile Terminals

MediaFLO Japan Planning Inc.
KDDI Corporation

November 4, 2009

KDDI and MediaFLO Japan Planning Inc. are pleased to announce that they have started the verification test of a service to distribute various types of digital content using MediaFLO™-capable test mobile handset receivers developed by KDDI. These tests, which started on Nov 4, are part of the verification test of multimedia broadcasting services for mobile terminals (MediaFLO™) being conducted in the special ubiquitous zone located in Naha City and Tomigusuku City, Okinawa.

During the multichannel broadcast verification test launched on April 16, 2009, MediaFLO Japan Planning simultaneously broadcast 20 video test channels and 3 audio test channels and verified the high bandwidth efficiency of using statistical multiplexing, the most unique feature of MediaFLO. In cooperation with a total of thirty content providers, the following items will be verified: real-time streaming of video and audio content; IP data casting, in which information such as stock prices, news, and traffic information is distributed in real time and continuously updated; and clipcasting in which various types of digital content including news video, music such as Chaku-uta Full® and video clips, photos, electronic books, and games are distributed in a packaged format.

For news items, both the news article and video are shown in real time on the same screen, making it possible for users to check the details of the news item they are interested in by clicking it.

In addition, songs played during a program are linked to an encrypted file that is distributed along with the program, and it is possible to enjoy previously broadcast music after the program is over by purchasing the rights to the Chaku-uta Full® and video clip of songs one likes.

In addition to local information such as sightseeing, traffic, and weather information for Okinawa, users can enjoy services that are only possible with multimedia broadcasting for mobile terminals, which include broad-band clipcasts (two-hours worth of video distributed in a single time), interactive services based on the ability to vote during programs, and the selective display of stock price information that the user wants from bulk information distributed.

While obtaining data necessary for the development of receivers, other activities will be undertaken, including surveys on how receptive monitors are to particular trial services, and the results obtained from this trial will be useful in commercializing services.

Through this verification test, MediaFLO Japan Planning and KDDI will contribute to the development of multimedia broadcasting for mobile terminals, which is expected to be a new type of media.

The following content providers are cooperating with the verification test.

Service Company Contents, Type
News service TV Asahi Corporation Text news, video news
MUSIC ON! TV Inc. Program production
Label Gate Co.,Ltd.
mora keitai full, mora keitai video
On-air broadcast music linked "Chaku-uta®" and video clips
KDDI Corporation Program production
IP data
MTI Ltd. Transportation
QUICK Corp. Information service such as stocks
Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc. Stock and stock index
WEATHERNEWS INC. Video (Weather)
Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd. Video (Animation)
Satellite Channels Inc. Video (News)
AXN Japan Inc. Video (Drama)
FM Okinawa Inc. Audio (Radio)
Kids Station Inc. Video (Animation)
J-WAVE, Inc. Audio (Radio)
Discovery Japan, Inc. Video (Entertainment)
Nikkei CNBC Japan, Inc. Video (News)
FOX International Channels (Japan) Video (Drama)
MUSIC ON! TV Inc. Video (Music)
clip cast
Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd. Movie, drama
Kodansha Ltd. E-book
Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. Game
J-WAVE, Inc. Audio
NBC UNIVERSAL Movie, drama
Shueisha Inc. E-book
SEGA Corporation Game
Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan) lnc. Movie, drama
NIKKATSU Corporation Movie, drama
Twentieth Century Fox Movie, drama
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Movie, drama
  • * MediaFLO is a trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated.
  • * Chaku-Uta Full® is a registered trademark of the Sony Music Entertainment (Japan), Inc.
  • * mora and the mora logo are registered trademarks and trademarks of Label Gate.

Verification test of multimedia broadcasting services for mobile terminals in the special ubiquitous zone

Summary of verification tests conducted in the special ubiquitous zone

Verification test Radio wave propagation verification test, SFN construction, and moving test undertaken with Toyota Motor Corporation Multi-channel broadcasting verification test Service verification test (current test)
Location of
verification test
Tomigusuku City Naha City and Tomigusuku City Same as left
verification test
November 28, 2008 April 16, 2009 November 4, 2009
Details of the verification test
  • Obtain data on radio wave propagation characteristics of VHF frequencies; evaluate video and audio quality of MediaFLO
  • Construct a Single Frequency Network (SFN) which broadcasts the same content on the same frequency from multiple transmitters; test reception while moving, which was conducted in cooperation with Toyota Motor; measure reception data under various fading environments; evaluate video and audio quality while moving at high speeds.
  • Verify the high bandwidth efficiency of using statistical multiplexing, which is the most unique feature of MediaFLO
  • Evaluate the video and sound quality of the 20 test video channels and 3 test audio channels that were transmitted simultaneously
  • Verify the following: real-time streaming of video and audio content; IP data casting, the real-time distribution of information that is constantly updated; and Clipcasting, broadcast of various digital content in packaged format
  • Survey how receptive monitors are to trial services
Handsets used for verification test Test receivers which make it possible to view and hear limited content Same as left Trial mobile handset receivers that make it possible to watch and hear various types of digital content that link communication and broadcast
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