KDDI Announces Introduction of KDDI Global IP-VPN Economy, a New Option for its KDDI Global IP-VPN service

KDDI Corporation

December 17, 2009

KDDI has added the KDDI Global IP-VPN Economy option to the KDDI Global IP-VPN service, a corporate data communication service, and will introduce the service in 120 countries and regions throughout the world on December 17, 2009.

KDDI Global IP-VPN Economy is a network service that uses a DSL line as an access line and provides a set of products-port, access line, and CE router [1]. Using the DSL line as an access line makes it possible to construct an international intranet that is less expensive than the traditional KDDI Global IP-VPN.

Furthermore, the quality of the network is better than that of a traditional IP-VPN that only employs the Internet since the international backbone, the core of the network, is constructed of secure MPLs [2].

In addition to network connections to overseas bases with relatively little communication volume, this service can be used as a backup line for KDDI Global Powered Ethernet and KDDI Global IP-VPN.

KDDI fully handles applications and billing in Japan and provides operation and maintenance services, which reduces the operational burden on the customer and improves convenience.

The service is being provided in partnership with the U.S. international network company Virtela Communications Inc. Virtela Communications is a telecommunications carrier that provides global network solutions in more than 190 countries and regions throughout the world. Partnerships with several hundred carriers provide the advantages of reasonable prices and greater coverage.

In the future, KDDI will expand and make more functional its global network and will support the expansion of its customers' business in the ICT field.

  • [1] Customer Edge router-device installed at the customer's premises and acts as the terminus to the WAN Network.
  • [2] Multi-Protocol Label Switching, a packet transmission technology that employs label switching.
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