KDDI Announces Founding of the Joint Venture TELEHOUSE VIETNAM and Opening of the Data Center TELEHOUSE HANOI in Vietnam <Reference>

1. FPT Information System (FIS) Outline

FPT Information System (FIS) is a member of the FPT Corporation Group, the largest IT company in Vietnam. The core company of the group, FIS is the largest system integrator in Vietnam with a customer base that is centered on major domestic financial and communication companies and government organizations.

2. ITX Outline

Having developed its service and solutions business and telecommunication business, the core of its telecommunications services, ITX is focusing on the field of medical information services as a strategic business. The company acts as the engine for creating new businesses within the Olympus Group and creates new and high-added-value businesses as a market accelerator.

3. Exterior of TELEHOUSE HANOI

photo: Exterior of TELEHOUSE HANOI

4. TELEHOUSE Global Map

TELEHOUSE operates 16 sites in 9 regions and 10 cities (as of December 2009).

Image: TELEHOUSE Global Map

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